Support Addresses

If you supply CLASS with only one address, we will use that address for all correspondence and shipments. However, we often have two or more addresses for one family which are used for different purposes. Multiple addresses are categorized as follows:

Primary Address
This is your family’s main address. It is the default address used for all correspondence sent by CLASS throughout the course of your school year.

If this is a Post Office Box address, we will request a separate shipping address (with a street number) so packages can be mailed to you via our regular shipping method. If you are on the mission field and have a foreign address, we will request your stateside mission organization’s address for mailing curriculum materials.

Shipping Address
This address is used for mailing your initial shipment, curriculum, and any curriculum adjustment materials that are sent through our Shipping Department. It is not used for any other correspondence unless the primary address is indicated by the postal service as “not valid.”

Address Changes
Your mailing address is an integral part of our relationship with you. When it is incorrect, it costs us time and money in resources and prevents you from receiving report cards and other correspondence important to your home school.

  Mailing Address
  If either of your mailing addresses has changed, please notify CLASS as soon as possible. You should also contact us if you have a temporary address that should be used for an extended period of time, or if you want to cancel a temporary address.

You can change your address by contacting our Customer Service Department or by submitting the Change of Address Form.

  Phone Number
  If your phone number has changed, or if you have an additional day-time number, fax number, etc. which you believe we should have, you should contact our Customer Service Department or submit a Change of Address Form. Be sure to include at what times a particular number can be called.

  Email Address
  If your email address has changed, please notify us so we can update our records and continue to send your student test scores and other important information.

The easiest way to update your email address is by completing our Email Address Form.

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