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Additional Testimonials
The following are more testimonials we have received over the years.
“[Our daughter], a graduate from CLASS...successfully completed with Honors a four year Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing...and is full time employed as a Registered Nurse in a local Children’s Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit...

“Thank you all for providing the materials so parents as home educators can prepare their children for God’s plan. May God continue to give you the grace for this ministry.”
– Virginia Beach, VA

“Thank you for a great curriculum!

“We can’t help but let people know how good it is put together! Keep up the great work!!”
– Fordland, MO

“Thank you all so very much, every last one of you that make this ministry possible. We know how the Lord leads us and he led us to Christian Liberty out of so many choices out there. We are so grateful for so much. How do we put it in words? We can’t... May the Lord bless you all.”
– Lacombe, LA

“I have started my son in your first grade program and it is great! Thank you for an alternative to the pick and choose homeschool curriculum method. I did that last year and did not feel satisfied with doing homeschooling that way. Your school is an answer to prayer. I am very pleased with this whole concept of homeschooling. I tell everyone I can about your wonderful program. It is a blessing. I am a single mother and I am homeschooling my son and your program has made it so much easier. I felt overwhelmed until I found CLASS! Thank you so much!”
– Mount Orab, OH

“Both our sons went through your program. We are excited to tell you that they made the ‘National Dean’s List...’ They are thriving at college. They are both in the honor society... It was an encouragement to keep on with home schooling.”
– Cave Junction, OR

“We wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful weekend we enjoyed for the graduation of our home schoolers. Our daughter...graduated twelfth grade, and our son...graduated from eighth grade. We were so impressed by your sweet spirit and genuine concern for these young lives. It was apparent that your attitude trickled down to the staff that served us on Saturday evening and Sunday, as they were all so gracious and helpful.”
– LaPorte, IN

“Here in Canada it is almost Thanksgiving, and my heart is filled with thanks for you. In September we took our youngest to Bible school... I am saddened to think it is really over.

“[We were enrolled] for eighteen years. It was a good eighteen years and I am so grateful to you for making it possible...

“Yes, we had some very busy days, but we were never hassled as some homeschools are, because we were not deciding nor grading our own curriculum. You did that for us, and with that came motivation to keep on and complete courses which we may have given up on.

“With high school diplomas in hand our [five] children have and are going on in various directions, seeking what it is the Lord would have them do now. Our oldest is married and has a 10 month old daughter that she plans to homeschool, so in that way it will continue.

“All this to say a big THANK YOU! to you for eighteen years of service!”
– Fraser Lake, BC, Canada

“Nearly seventeen years ago, I started to hand my husband an enrollment check made out to a school called Christian Liberty Academy for three students. (We knew little more about the school than the information provided in a small advertisement, because—as you know—homeschooling was so very new then.) I vividly recall slowly inching the check forward, asking him not to snatch it away too quickly, because that gesture was a commitment on my part to the next seventeen years of my life, and I wasn’t making that decision easily. Somehow he understood.

“Today I tearfully boxed up all of the daily work for my youngest child—on that day years ago, just a babe in arms—now, a graduating senior. As I reach out with this box, as I did so many years ago, I hesitate—not because I’m apprehensive this time, but because I’m reflective. This box represents many memories for me. I’m reluctant to let it go.

“The years have been demanding and sometimes difficult, but above all, fulfilling. Our experiences with homeschooling have been overwhelmingly positive. Would I do it again? You bet; and this time I wouldn’t hesitate so long in handing over that check.

“I just couldn’t let the opportunity slip by to thank all of you there on staff at Christian Liberty Academy for the marvelous job that you have done through the years for so many of us inexperienced teachers. With each call to you, I have always sensed your love and support, never a condescending attitude. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you for partnering with us in this awesome responsibility of rearing these children to love our heavenly Father and His Son.

“Just to briefly let you know what a positive taste this experience has left in our children’s mouths—to date, four of our seven grandchildren are being homeschooled by CLASS graduates. We continue to pray that it might be a reality for the other three and all of those yet to be born.”
– Colorado Springs, CO

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